POLYSERP™ Pan-Africa

Broad-Spectrum 25-in-1 Snakebite Treatment for Africa


Single Source Treatment Option

POLYSERP-P is a single source treatment option, covering 24 medically significant species in a single, broad-spectrum, freeze-dried formula. Designed for the field, POLYSERP is a safe, affordable, and effective treatment, bringing definitive care far-forward.


The low total protein content and patented purification, fragmentation and lyophilization process make POLYSERP among the safest products of its kind. POLYSERP pan-Africa has a total incidence of possible severe early adverse reactions such as anaphylaxis of <.2%. POLYSERP is designed to be administered by direct IV push in low resource environments.


POLYSERP antivenoms are broad-spectrum, regionally specific formulations that have been carefully designed to meet the challenges of the austere medicine environment. The POLYSERP-P formulation is indicated for Boomslang envenomations preventing the need to source a monovalent product. Additionally, POLYSERP-P is the only antivenom currently available that treats Atractaspis envenomations.

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