Broad-Spectrum, Freeze-Dried Snake Antivenoms for Africa, the Middle East, and Central Asia

Next-generation freeze-dried antivenoms for
the austere medicine environment.

Unrefrigerated, Shelf-Stable Antivenoms for the 21st Century.

Safe, Affordable, Effective

Freeze-dried POLYSERP™ antivenoms are designed for use in austere environments and can be carried in the field unrefrigerated for 6 months at temperatures exceeding 100ºF without loss of potency.

Broad-spectrum POLYSERP™ antivenoms provide coverage against all critical threat snake species in the regions they cover and enable medical providers to treat the patient based on the clinical syndrome of envenomation rather than the identity of the snake.

POLYSERP™ antivenoms are effective against all 3 major snake envenomation syndromes causing neurotoxic, hemotoxic, and cytotoxic effects in a given region.

POLYSERP antivenoms are the safest antivenoms available in these regions, with a total incidence of possible severe early adverse reactions such as anaphylaxis of just 0.2% in ​POLYSERP PAN-AFRICA and 1% in POLYSERP MENA. All patients responded to intramuscular epinephrine and recovered without sequelae. There were no cases of serum sickness or other late adverse reactions to the antivenoms.

Administer at the point of envenomation to prevent irreversible damage to organ systems and local tissue before it has occurred.

Reconstitution is achieved in less than 16 seconds and requires only 10 mL of sterile water or isotonic solution for every vial given, making ​POLYSERP ideal for use by medical providers in situations where space and weight are important considerations.

POLYSERP™ antivenoms are the
safest antivenoms available for the region they cover. 

Designed to withstand temperatures exceeding 100°F for 6 months without any loss of efficacy.
Easily administer by direct IV push in a low resource environment.


POLYSERP PAN-AFRICA is a specially formulated polyvalent antivenom indicated for the treatment of envenomation by 25 of the most medically significant dangerous snake species in Africa with a particular emphasis on the sub-Saharan region. It is the only freeze-dried polyvalent indicated for the treatment of Boomslang and is the only antivenom in the world that treats envenomations by the Atractaspis.

Middle East, North Africa, Central Asia

POLYSERP MENA is a polyvalent antivenom indicated for the treatment of envenomation by 27 of the most medically significant dangerous snake species in the Middle East and North Africa, with additional coverage against several species in Central Asia.


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Recommeded by the Joint Trauma System of the
United States Defense Health Agency


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